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Zoloft Message Board

Re: Mind over Matter, No problems!!
Date: 12/11/02
Time: 9:16:02 PM
Remote Name:



I've been clean of anti-depressants for about a year now and all that you say is totally true. People will finally start to figure out these drugs are dangerous and are screwing up millions of lives, men, women, and such precious children. No one deserves to be medicated without their consent. I was forced to take these meds, even though I was crying out for help, and no one would listen (Crying now at the comp, god help me!). No one would give me the time to day to help me. Only my best bud, my hubby stood by me and supported me through all this. My family still to this day thinks I should be medicated again "for my own good." NO! NEVER AGAIN!

I wish that I could join a group that would take a stand against these money hungry, devouring pharmaceutical companies and sue them up the A** and bring justice to those who have been irreparably harmed by these "legal" substances. If the drug works for you, well then fine, you are welcome to it. But remember, 1 drug may lead to 2, 2 to 4, 4 to 8. Just look at Wynona Ryder! 8 med prescriptions FORGED!!!! Is this the kind of thing we want to do to ourselves and our kids? Medications are fine to relieve symptoms FOR A FEW DAYS!!!! NOT FOR YOUR ENTIRE LIFE! You get a cold, you take Tylenol Cold. Minimal side effects. You feel crappy for a few days, then you get better. The same thing goes for depression, you have good days and bad days, fun times and hell time. Getting out of yourself is the key. There is an AWESOME book out called "Depression is a Choice" and it's is an EXCELLENT book on the subject. I've NEVER read a more profound discussion ever written on this topic. Everyone who struggled with depression should find it and read it. It helped me with the last vestiges of the "dis-ease" and helped me to get a grip on life, and to live again. Get out of yourself, help a friend, play with your dog and maybe buy him a bone at Petco, or something, but do something for someone else and you are SURE to feel better. If depression is anger turned inward, then there's the problem. It's turned INWARD. You have to turn OUTWARD to heal from this. It's the ONLY way.....meds are not the answer, they cause to much suffering and grief. Think of the lined velvet pockets of the CEO's of the drug companies when they "tell" you it's a "chemical imbalance." Of course it is....their "chemical" can cure it. SNAKE OIL!!!