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As the Twig is Bent

This is an exercise that my son and daughter-in-law use in their holistic health school, Healing Hands. The idea is to assume different postures and hold them until feelings arise that are congruent with the postures. Hunch over like a frightened victim and hold the position. Soon victim-like feelings will arise. Stand with both feet apart and lift clenched hands up like a fighter stance, with a belligerent scowl and feelings of power or anger will surface. Hug yourself and sway gently in a soothing way. Weep and wail silently and thrash around until despair arises. Mourn silently until sadness appears. Shield yourself, scream silently and protest as if being attacked. The lesson from these postures is how subservient feelings are. How quickly they can change when you provide a different situation or idea for the body.

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