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Listen to the Music

Ever wonder why we get tired of a favorite song? Why it doesn't give us the same thrill hearing the hundredth time as it did the first? It's because our mind steals it from us. The minute the mind can understand the music, it gets us to go on auto-pilot, listening to the mind's replay of it the minute the first notes begin.

A good exercise is to force ourselves to listen to the music a new way. Concentrate on the spaces between the notes and this will confuse the mind so that we can enjoy a more present experience again, instead of being whisked by the mind into its lifeless autopilot rendition. The mind can fool us very easily if we are satisfied with hearing the music instead of becoming the music.

Or we can make sure we are open to the song from the region of the heart instead of the head. Some songs are written from a head space and these will never make it to the heart space. But music that is written from the heart space can be ruined by letting it come to us head first. We can just lower our energy like a descending thermometer from the head to the heart and let the space open up to receive the music. Of course there is some music that can resonate lower in the power center of the body-- rock-and-roll for instance. Music is an opportunity to get some distance between our thoughts and our feelings. We can leave off collapsing into our mind and collapse into the music instead. That's why music is such a great release. It is a release from the mind.

I have done healing also with heart-space music. If I have the flu, or a twisted knee I imagine that the music is moving to the area of the problem and healing me. (I should remember to do it more often.)

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