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Invest Your Fear

Visualize a bank. You walk up to the front counter and hand over all your fear. "Put this in my account please, and I expect to draw positive interest." One time I was way over budget in a remodeling project and every time the contractor told me about some added expense my heart just froze in fear. Then I got the idea of turning the fear around. I told myself that for every dollar I spent in remodeling I would receive two dollars profit when I put the house up for sale; which was going to happen shortly as my husband had been transferred to a new office before we were half-way through the house improvements. The next time the contractor upped some item on me thought "Good, I'll make another $150." Yes, this is pure fantasy. But since we don't know what's in the future why not fantasize something good instead of it's fearful opposite. Most fears never come to pass either but by the time we know that, the fear has already done our body a lot of harm. By the way, we did make an unlooked for profit on the house as the market suddenly took an upturn.

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