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Anger is Fear and Great Anger is Great Fear

We hate what we fear. This makes perfect sense because this mechanism, fear, was the only thing we had in our primordial stage of development to allow us to survive a hostile environment. In a way, it has been a necessary, a primal-instinct personal army. Before the development of the upper brain systems, the operation was pretty simple: We fear, we strike or run. But once our upper brain systems developed, the operation became a lot more complicated. Now it is not always practical, legal, moral or ethical to go the simple route, such as road rage. In a complicated system, little things can go wrong. When our fear can't end up in some action for our benefit, and we do not know how to help it dissipate, it hangs in our body and makes us depressed and hostile. If we are really angry, it might help to remember this exercise which is simply an intellectual understanding: Great anger is great fear. We need to save ourselves from our fear more than we need to save ourselves from any enemy. The way we save ourselves from our fear is simply to feel it. Hold on to a tree. A tree is very helpful in these times. Feel. Feel. From your very roots. Feel. Now you know why some people hug trees.

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